Dan the Man Team

ILANA (for all enquiries)

Ilana loves yoghurt, porridge, warrigal greens, sautéed brussel sprouts, papardelle, sardines, baklava, dates and Brazil nuts. She’s our multi-tasking general manager - get in touch for absolutely anything, from catering bookings to media enquiries and event concept design.

m. 0411 400 434 | e. ilana@danthemancooking.com


Dan loves fresh pasta, pork belly, hickory smoked brisket, Kansas City pulled pork shoulder, smashed avocado and tomato on toast, peanut butter, home cured and smoked bacon. He’s our founder and self-confessed barbecue addict. You'll find him near the smoker.


Tim loves beans, bananas and bacon. He’s the head of our kitchen and has a knack for turning cool room finds into dishes that rock our radishes. He's also great at making us lunch and take home packs for dinner.


Nick loves hard work and efficiency. He's our IT guru and operations ninja.


Matt loves everything except eggplant, liver and zucchini. And he has a soft spot for banh zeo. He's the chef that will go anywhere, so we send him to places like the remote Gulf of Carpenteria for month long stints.


Vicki loves agave ginger cider and the beach, and preferably both at the same time. She's our food photographer and stylist and can be blamed for the success of our grazing tables. She's at the 2 dollar shop or target on a daily basis if you need anything.



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