DIY wedding hack: get a wedding planner

Posted on Jul 11, 2019 5:03:05 PM

DIY weddings are totally on point right now. There are so many couples absolutely rocking authenticity and kicking those good ol' wedding traditions to the curb.

Now, it’s controversial we know. Especially when we are a rule breaking, stick it to the man kinda company. But. We firmly believe in one big key player when it comes to taking that wedding journey together. The one anti DIY slam you’ll hear from us. Go and bloody hire yourselves a wedding planner. 

NO! Don’t tune out. We know where your mind went. Jennifer Lopez. Matthew McConaughey. We’re right aren’t we? Yep, we know we are (wink). 

photo credits: Tim Kindler

Good ol' Hollywood and some poorly informed buggers have flooded you with this idea that a Wedding Planner is a headset wearing, stiletto clad stick figure, who runs around your wedding bossing your suppliers and hitting on your Bridal Party. So wrong. Unless your Bridal Party are hot… kidding. Maybe. 

Myth busting time. Your wedding planner should not cost you a fortune. They also shouldn’t take away from the elements of the wedding you are most excited about. Are budgets and spreadsheets your jam? Do it! Do you want to have control of the run sheets? More power to you. 

Your wedding planner should be helping you fill in the gaps. They should support you in all the areas where you feel lost; not steal your thunder and charge through the nose for it. 

When you pay for your wedding planner, you are paying for the time they spend researching ideas specific to your wedding. You pay for their expertise in the flow of an event and to think of all the things you may be missing. You pay that fee so you have unwavering support through the best and worst times of your planning process. But best of all, you are bringing on someone who cares about the little details of what make your wedding, YOUR WEDDING. 

So to return to our earlier statement: DIY is totally on point right now and all the best in the business know that. The role of a wedding planner is truly changing to support couples, not run their wedding for them (unless you want that in which case - we totally dig the old school). 

So we challenge you. Bring your authentic selves to your wedding planning appointments and let’s see what you can do.

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