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Posted on Oct 28, 2019 4:53:10 PM (1)

R.I.P. Glad Wrap 👋


Dear Future Citizens of a Better World,

We did it. We got rid of the most prominent loved and hated kitchen staple of all time (or at least since the 60s). Glad Wrap.

A parcel arrived at HQ in June 2019, and in it, was the solution to the toughest waste challenge we’ve had to solve since we began this bold, ambitious and possibly delusional journey to zero waste two years ago.

Five glistening sheets of reusable food grade silicon that we cut into useable rectangles, laid them over our new - but old - platters we picked up from Vinnies Waverley 💛💖💜 – held into place with some good ol’ Joe Blow bull dog clips. Our charred broccolini, cime di rapa, and repurposed coffee grounds vinaigrette never looked so good.

Now we cannot lie, that parcel used some good carbon miles getting to us. And we had to peel a layer of plastic off each sheet before use. Reality check: There is no perfect solution in the world of waste redesign. But one thing we’re certain of, is that we problem solved left and right to weigh up the best option. And now we can happily say it was worth the journey.

You see we are now fluent in vegan and non vegan beeswax and the hipster entrepreneurs from Bondi to Byron who make them; we know high tech material scientists who shipped us large sheets of compostable wrap; we had great yarns to the retail silicon suppliers who wanted to help but just couldn’t make commercial sizes, and we thoroughly enjoyed the ‘watch the speed bump Dan’ 20km/h drive we did in the van to drop off catering covered in tea towels to a leadership in sustainability graduation; that was second to the MacGyver delivery box contraption idea that sat in the office for two months because we just weren’t MacGyver enough.

So rest in peace dear Glad Wrap. You served a great purpose for many years, but now it’s time to happily say goodbye, au revoir, adieu.


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