What's this B Corp thing all about?

Posted on Jul 29, 2019 3:52:24 PM

Good things don’t come easy. 

And our B Corp certification is no exception. 

Hands up friends who know:

a) What being a B Corp certified business is?
b) BONUS POINT: what do you need to do to get one? 

Here’s a team refresher from our kooky point of view.

There's a new way to do business and it balances purpose and profit. B Corp businesses pay real attention to the impact of their decisions: in their workers, customers, suppliers, community and environment (phew - that’s a lot of balls to juggle). To be part of this new tribe, an extremely rigorous certification process takes place to make sure these businesses reflect that philosophy in action. Basically, B Corp is a community of leaders who believe business is a force for good.

We belong to this tribe and couldn't be prouder of it. And this isn't something reserved for business owners and their loyal employees. Everyone can support this cause.

In honour of #bcorpmonth, we have to pay our respects to some of the other businesses in this brilliant community who so deserve the recognition. We are crushing so hard on some of these absolute legends and sincerely hope they’ll invite us over for a turmeric spiced latte with almond milk one day soon:

Good Day Girl - Zero waste friends, this kick ass company based in our neck of the woods creates made-to-order day wear for women that have got the girls in this office going bonkers.

Koskela - Umm, have you checked out their showroom in Alexandria? Grab a keep cup coffee and wander this magical wonderland of handmade homewares authentic Australian creations. Their representation of our original Australian people is awe-inspiring.

Huddle - Have you heard of Kanga cover? Yeah neither had we until this quirky crew launched it. Their creative thinking when it comes to a range of insurances just goes to show how much they care about the people who are buying their products. Not to mention their sales crew who remember your name and before you know it, you're on a call, it’s been 30 minutes and you’ve invited them to your next family function - you’ll love them that much.

In the technological age, it’s so easy to forget that our businesses are still run by humans, but with B Corps, you’ll wonder how you ever chose to email rather than call. You’ll wonder how you ever supported big banks who lend to the fossil fuel industry. You’ll wish you never bought fast fashion even if it was on trend.

If you're still curious about the nature of B Corps, we highly recommend giving them a look here. We think you’ll be as inspired as we were to do business for good, not profit. 

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