Our Vision

For every business to interact responsibly; within themselves and their community. This feeds into Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.


Our Mission

To create food experiences that rock your radishes always; using seasonal ingredients that have traceability, are made ethically, and connect under-valued resources in our community.

The Dan the Man Manifesto


Enjoy what you eat, notice all the flavours.

Experiment, play with taste and texture, try something different, do it seasonally.

Always meet a potential supplier face to face and smile when you say their name, they know a lot more than we ever could.

Get amongst it when we have quiet times. Our farmers aren’t far away, and team road trips are good for the soul.

Build a community of conscious eaters that delight in our food.

Be a good host; every eater should feel like a guest in our stainless steel kitchen.

Think of ways to improve an eating celebration. Clients should get the best of our critical, creative and collective thinking.

If there are leftovers – share them, and share them wide, let nothing go to waste.

Be conscious of what we’re putting in the bin and spend good time exploring ways to reduce it.

Respect the land that gives us our livelihood. It does not belong to us. Sovereignty was never ceded.

Our Principles


Keep your farmers close

There’s an inextricable link between the way produce is cultivated and the way it tastes on your plate. With this in mind, we’ve worked hard to discover local and likeminded growers, producers, artisans and suppliers whose practices are sound and whose ingredients are of exceptional quality. Expert knowledge of their product and the seasons means we can trust them to source the best ingredients for our dishes.


Limitation leads to innovation

We work with seasonal produce not just because it’s the best quality, a better price and good for the planet; the ever-changing menu of peak-season produce inspires us to imagine, experiment with and create each day. We apply that sense of creativity to our menus, which reflect the availability of local produce and our desire to use it in innovative ways.


Let the function drive the food

You won’t catch us offering a tried-and-tested list of run-of-the-mill canapés. We place guests at the heart of our menu and service design in order to maximise their experience, serving food that complements and enhances the event concept through a bespoke, creative approach.