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More humanity, more transparency, less waste.

There's a new way to do catering, and it puts purpose over profit. It's not an easy journey, and it changes the way we think about the resources we use and the relationships we nurture. Trusting this process has made us whip in so much creativity and meaning in everything we do, it has literally shaped our business and our people.

We are a B Corp and we work with like minded businesses to come up with something truly special.




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We make ridiculously delicious food.

It's a simple formula, really: use the best seasonal produce available from our local suppliers to create thoughtful dishes, that people want to eat. No bulking agents, no "looks pretty but tastes meh" and no waste. Whether it's feeding your loved ones or hosting a kickass party, we're all about helping you serve something special that fits your budget and rocks your radishes. Often we create dishes that turn the waste component upside down and transform it into the highlight of the dish.

The result? Hearty, mouth-watering and intelligently put together flavours and textures. And whether it's our fuss-free drop off menu, our beautiful grazing tables, or our unordinary canapés, you'll always find an element of us trying to think differently about the resources we use.




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When it comes to planning, we've got your back.

Your catering is sorted but the rest of the event isn’t. We can help you fill in the gaps where you don't feel you’re 100% on top of it. From a single waitperson who can help you serve and clean up, to more complete packages with floor and bar staff, drinks and styling; basically, we can interfere as much or as little as you need.

And if you're trying to put together something really different, we would love to help you with concept creation, next level styling or event theming to really transform your event into something as special as the occasion you’re celebrating.