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Brooke (for all catering enquiries + event planning)

Brooke loves spicy curries, creamy pastas, rosemary covered anything, breakfast for dinner and CHEESE CHEESE CHEESE! Evenings with a sneaky vino tinto and live music is where her heart lies, and she's also a strong-willed eco warrior who hopes to be a change maker in our eco event space. She is your go to girl for all enquiries and quotes, plus she loves planning, so you know she'll have your back while we organise your perfect event. She's also a qualified wedding and event planner. Best to contact her through the form above, but her details are also below if you'd prefer.

Here's our full set menu if you'd like to have a peek.

m. 0421 198 701 | e. | book in for a chat


Ilana (for all collaborations and media enquiries)

Ilana loves sautéed brussel sprouts, papardelle, sardines, baklava, wine bars with 5 item menus, lesser known ingredients (the weirder the better) and she can't stand food waste. She’s our multi-tasking general manager and the instigator of our zero waste to landfill journey - get in touch for all collaborations, media enquiries and community initiatives.

m. 0411 400 434 | e. | book in for a chat


Dan the Man

Dan loves fresh pasta, pork belly, hickory smoked brisket, Kansas City pulled pork shoulder, smashed avocado and tomato on toast, peanut butter, home cured and smoked bacon. He’s our founder and self-confessed barbecue addict. If you want to reach him, you'll find him near our 420kg smoker.


Tim loves beans, bananas and bacon. He’s the head of our kitchen and has a knack for turning coolroom leftover into dishes that rock our radishes. He's also great at making us lunch and take home packs for dinner.


Henri loves mangoes, homemade sourdough bread, coconut water at the beach, feijoada, herb gardens and discovering new foods and combinations. He is our cook, and you can usually find him doing one of his two favourite things; cooking or eating. Or both.


Nick loves hard work and efficiency. He's our IT guru and operations ninja.



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