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We make ridiculously delicious food using local and seasonal produce. Hearty and bold dishes that people want to eat.



B Corp

We believe that business is a force for good, and we're proud to be the first and only B Corp caterer in Australia.


Zero Waste

Waste is a failure of the imagination. This is the moto that drives our creative process and our journey to zero waste.

About Us

Dan the Man cooking is an event catering and planning company focused on creating food experiences that rock your radishes. We use seasonal and local produce that are intelligently put together to create dishes that people want to eat. Aside from making ridiculously delicious food, we are on a journey to zero waste, connecting undervalued resources in our community.

Wedding Catering

It's a simple formula, really: use the best seasonal produce available from our local suppliers to create thoughtful dishes. No bulking agents, no "looks pretty but tastes meh" and no waste. Often we create dishes that turn the waste component upside down and transform it into the highlight of the dish.



We're here to help you fill in the gaps and support you in the areas you feel lost, not steal your thunder and charge through the nose for it. If you're the excel spreadsheet wiz, then you don't need our budget planner. If you already have all your styling covered, then you probably won't need our stylist. You get the picture.

Our planning package is a ‘choose your own adventure’ of only the services you need.


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