Wedding celebrations and the industry around it have changed.

Couples are breaking traditions, rethinking what's important, venturing into the DIY space, setting new trends, trying new ideas. There's a new sense of purpose around what it means and how it's done, and that allows for so much creativity. We're calling out for more transparency, more humanity, and less waste. Ethical catering is the way to go. We want to help couples begin this journey.




wedding catering


We make ridiculously delicious food.

It's a simple formula, really: use the best seasonal produce available from our local suppliers to create thoughtful dishes, that people want to eat. No bulking agents, no "looks pretty but tastes meh" and no waste. Often we create dishes that turn the waste component upside down and transform it into the highlight of the dish.

The result? Hearty, mouth-watering and intelligently put together flavours and textures. Whether it's our canapés, share plates, food stations or grazing tables, you'll always find some special element of us trying to think differently about the resources we use.




Icon_WineGlass_02wedding planning


When it comes to planning, we've got your back.

We're here to help you fill in the gaps and support you in the areas you feel lost, not steal your thunder and charge through the nose for it. If you're the excel spreadsheet wiz, then you don't need our budget planner. If you already have all your styling covered, then you probably won't need our stylist. You get the picture.

We're also experts at finding like minded businesses that share our values and will care about your wedding as much as we do. Our planning package is a ‘choose your own adventure’ of only the services you need. Choose from a range of options like: 'DTM wedding buddy', your wedding style, wedding day set up, on the day coordination, site inspection, supplier list, and others.