We're on a mission to be the first event catering company in Australia to provide zero waste catered events for our clients

There's a horrifying amount of waste created by the food industry. We know it's unsustainable, so we set ourselves the challenge of proving it can be economically sustainable. If we can create a zero waste catering model, we'll be shouting it from the rooftops to ensure every catering company can do the same.

If you need help kick-starting your zero waste journey, we’ve started mentoring businesses big and small. Please get in touch with our waste to resource strategist Ilana at ilana@danthemancooking.com or 0411400434 to discuss what we could do.


Things we already do

  1. green waste from our kitchen and serveware from events gets composted at Rose Bay Community Garden.

  2. food delivered in cardboard boxes go back to our suppliers so they can reuse them

  3. catering leftovers go to our clients or our bellies

  4. fashion designer linen offcuts turned into hankies as an alternative to single use napkins

  5. used cooking oil gets repurposed into soap

  6. got some chickens (well, Rose Bay Community Garden did)

  7. make our own sodas to reduce bottled plastics

  8. shred waste office paper for the chickens

  9. onsite sorting boxes provided to reuse/repurpose catering waste

  10. use reusable tupperware only

  11. removed baking paper and alfoil

  12. make our own herbal and black teas to eliminate tea bags

  13. receive meat in reusable containers, not vac packed

  14. purchase milk in reusable glass jars

  15.  trialling a reusable alternative to gladwrap

Things we want to do

  1. a memorandum of understanding with suppliers to use minimal packaging when supplying produce

  2. chef uniforms made from eco friendly fabrics that are factory offcuts

  3. compost bones

  4. look at all soft plastics and food packaging and keep finding alternatives

  5. find a reusable vac pack bag or an alternative

  6. spoke to dry goods supplier about bulk ordering, waiting for response


If you'd like to help us achieve zero waste, or can connect us with the right people we'd love to hear from you.

Please email info@danthemancooking.com